You're Fired - I need a new doctor!

The Aha Moment

I think we have all had that moment, where we know we are not getting the level of care we need and deserve, but we seem to give a certain level of difference to our medical providers. I mean I get it, finding someone that treats PI, someone who is empathetic, and someone that tries to understand your struggle is hard. I am by no means a saint myself. I know I am a complicated and sometimes difficult patient. I found myself sitting across the table from what most people would consider a brilliant physician at one of the best medical institutions in the world, and I realized in a certain level of clarity that I was not getting the care I needed or deserved. That’s when it hit me; I had to fire my doctor.

I look back at this situation and realize I should have done it sooner. All the signs were there that I was not getting the treatment I deserved.

The Signs

  • I had two emails from the physician apologizing for not getting back to me when I had questions directly relating to being so sick. We had established email as a means of communication.
  • Specific numbers required to keep me healthy were dropping rapidly, and other physicians were telling me I needed to change products, but the physician’s office kept me on the same one company’s line of products and it always got complicated when I pushed. I was met with comments like “I will do what you want, but all my years of experience point to this being the right solution because it works for everyone else.”
  • After two weeks of several doctor’s visits, fevers every day, and multiple trips to urgent care, I was told I just had a virus and that I need to deal with it.  The only thing they could do is run a very expensive test to figure out what it was and they considered it medically wasteful. This had been the worst I had been in several years and deal with it was not an acceptable answer to me.

After the last incident I decided it was time, I had to fire my immunologist that had seen me the last 3 years and find a new physician.

It is a scary thought because most people find a great specialist and travel to keep them. Hell, most people traveled to this institution to see this doctor and I just made up my mind to fire them! Now I had to find a specialist that would treat me and give me the level of care I desperately needed and quite frankly deserved. Once that was done, I had to figure out how I actually go about firing a physician.

The New Guy

I moved all my treatments and information over to the new physician’s office and that’s when it happened. My specialty pharmacy called my old physician to let them know they were cancelling my prescription with their office. Curious, the head of the office called them and that’s when the specialty pharmacy did it for me. The confirmation I made the right decision came in the form of a phone call about 15 minutes later.

The phone rang and I immediately recognized the number, it was the nurse from the doctor’s office. As soon as I answered I could tell this was going to be an awkward call. The nurse let me know they cancelled all my prescriptions for me under their name because they could no longer be associated with my case. They then asked who I was transferring to and when I told them I got a scoff and “well I hope you get the treatment you need.” I was furious! After dropping the ball on my care so many times they actually had the nerve to have a level of arrogance about me leaving. Since then, I have changed up my treatment regime, I get the response and level of care I need, and I have had the best 2 years of health in my life.

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